Opening of the Nanoscience Laboratory for Environmental and Biomedical Applications at the Faculty of Education

During his speech, Prof. Dr. Magid Abu El-Enein affirmed the support of the faculty administration and the university for scientific research and researchers and supporting scientific and research partnerships that bear innovative and modern thought especially that nanoscience is used in various medical and environmental fields such as purification of water, renewable energy production, photovoltaic cells and many more.
Maged Abou El Enein added that this lab is a preliminary step followed by many steps of development and addition to the plant for the benefit of scientific research.
Dr. Hazem Rashid said that the lab of nanoscience for new environmental and medical applications offers a miniature model of the capabilities and capabilities of Egyptian scientists, which was created by the self-efforts of the children of the chemistry and physics departments in the faculty.
Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Hassan referred to several research partnerships conducted by the laboratory team, which is more than 15 scientific companies with different Egyptian universities and research centers.
Dr. Mai Saleh explained that the lab is characterized by the possibility of preparing 17 samples of the same type at the same time five different techniques for the samples crushed and three different techniques for the samples of chips and the laboratory includes a number of devices that serve all scientific research. They included a microwave device and the tricycle and mechanical mold and 7 Magnetic heat exchangers, photo reactor, spin coater and spray pyrolysis, all of which are very important for researchers in nanoscience.
Dr. Mei Saleh accompanied Prof. Dr. Magid Abul Enein and the attendees in a tour inside the lab to explain the capabilities of the laboratory and the techniques of different devices.

  • Jan 2, 2019