Businessperson Ahmed Abu Hashima meets students of the Faculty of Commerce at the Entrepreneurship Seminar

The Future Family organized a seminar on entrepreneurship under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Khaled Kadri, Dean of the Faculty of Commerce, Ain Shams University. The seminar was hosted by businessperson Ahmed Abu Hashima, Managing Director of the Egyptian Iron Group, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Cement Company, Founder of the Egyptian Contracting Company, and the Egyptians for Resorts and Hotels.

Prof. Dr. Khalid Kadri, Dean of the Faculty, pointed out that this seminar comes within the framework of the Faculty's keenness to shed light on successful models in the community to serve as role models for students. In addition to spreading and strengthening the culture of entrepreneurship so that the graduate can become a job seeker for a graduate who creates his job, especially in light of the facilities currently available either from the banks or the SME Development Agency or the Ministries of Local Development and Investment. He added that the presence of this number of faculty students is the best proof that young people have already begun to change the concept of entrepreneurship.

As for the secret of its success, the businessperson Ahmed Abu Hashima said that the secret is to insist on achieving success. His entry into the iron industry was not easy, but it was recognized that the profession for its owners, meaning that only those who had a family in this field could enter it. Those conditions, his father was a police officer and has nothing to do with trade or investment.

However, he did not despair of realizing his dream in this field until he reached what I am now. He also explained that he started his career before graduating from university. During his studies at Suez Canal University, he worked as an employee in a bank and continued for four years. Throughout this period, he had no connection to the iron trade. He began his relationship with this trade after obtaining a bachelor's degree in commerce, especially in late 1995. He remained for almost a year not receiving any profits from the iron trade, but suffered many losses. Nevertheless, insisted on continuing, until his name became famous at an early age in the iron trade market in most of Egypt's provinces.

After six years of trade, he set up an iron factory, and in 2009, he set up an Egyptian Iron Company building.

He pointed out that entrepreneurship is not easy but it is not difficult that some may think, and the elements of success indicated that success requires effort and self-defiance before challenging others. He noted that he works about 18 hours a day, and starts his day at 6 am. He was twenty years old and did not feel tired or weary at any moment to make sure that health and time were more important than money.

He also stressed that there is no successful person did not face failure and difficulties in his way, but the greater the difficulties in your way increased insistence on achieving the dream. If success was easy for all people reached what they wish, in this case did not have success taste or fun. Ambition and determination to complete the journey are able to overcome any obstacles whatever extent, directed his advice to students that yesterday is a past ended with all its successes and failures, but hope is in the day and the future and said that he still has many projects working to achieve and many of the investments and projects that seek.

He also explained that he is keen to exercise daily in addition to his hobby in playing football, watching the world and local matches.

He also directed several tips for students including faith and trust in God, patience and health and time, learning from everyone without growing up or exception and the need to learn from mistakes.

At the end of the seminar, Prof. Dr. Khalid Kadri Dean of the Faculty, honored Ahmed Abu Hashima for his positive participation.

  • Apr 21, 2019