Ain Shams University achieves remarkable progress in the medical fields with the Times classification of scientific specializations for 2020

Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Shawky El-Matini, President of Ain Shams University stated that the University has made remarkable progress in the classification of the Times of universities in various disciplines, which was recently announced for 2020, and the rise of Ain Shams University 300 centers in the field of clinical medicine to occupy the center 251-300 making progress (300) From 501-600.

Prof. Dr. El-Metini stressed that this remarkable progress is a result of the efforts made by the university in the field of medical sciences through the adoption of the latest methods and teaching methods and research and the development of study programs to keep pace with the latest educational methods in the world, in addition to the development and renewal of teaching and research laboratories, and work to prepare cadres The university is also keen to open up to the outside world through the conclusion of joint cooperation agreements with the most prestigious medical institutions and medical schools in the world.

Prof. Dr. El-Mutaini added that this progress was not only in the field of medical sciences, but also in the field of computer science. This progress is due to the efforts of the university administration in the recent period in various scientific and research fields, in accordance with the vision and strategy of the International Classification Office designed to raise the university's classification in various international classifications.

  • Dec 3, 2019