Faculty of Al-Alsun signs a cooperation protocol with the first online platform for language holders in Egypt and the Middle East

Prof. Dr. Ola Adel, Vice-Dean of Faculty of Al-Alsun for Community Service and Environmental Development, has announced the signing of a cooperation protocol with Lingua Talent Company, for language leasing employment services, and is the first online platform in the Middle East to serve language speakers with a specialist to employ them, under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Salwa Rashad, Dean of the Faculty.

She explained that the agreement between the faculty and the company stipulates the commitment of the faculty to provide the company with the opportunity to conduct a number of workshops in the field of field training in order to introduce students to the activities and areas available on the online platform to provide appropriate job opportunities for students and graduates, and that the faculty administration is developing visualizations to align some of the college’s curricula in order to comply with the requirements of the renewable labor market, the college also participates with its students in the activities of the first international exhibition for languages and tourism and employing language holders.

On a related level, Mr. Mohamed Atwa and Mr. Ahmed Raafat, the company's executive directors, explained that the company is an emerging company that seeks to link foreign language holders with a large number of sectors, the most important of which are the tourism sector, business administration, communications and customer service, through greater provision a database for those sectors in front of language holders of graduates and students, as the company seeks through its activities to qualify language holders for the requirements of the new labor market, where it provides an ongoing series of workshops that target training beginning with how to write a CV through the skills and experience required by different sectors.

  • Jan 19, 2020